August 9 2014

Goat cheese spread with grilled ciabatta toast

My recipe this month is a great appetizer to share with a bottle of wine or two as it is flavorful and satisfying to the appetite. Enjoy and wish us luck on our improvements. Hope you will like what you see. CHEERS…….
Goat cheese spread with grilled ciabatta toast
1lb. – cream cheese (softened)
1lb. – goat cheese(room temperature)
1 / 2 cup – kalamata olives chopped
1/2 cup – sundried tomatoes rehydrated chopped
1TB. – Fresh basil leaves fine chopped
3 cloves – Fresh Garlic
¼ cup – Extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp. – red chili flakes
1 loaf – rustic ciabatta Bread (cut in 12 1 inch thick pieces)
Extra virgin olive oil to coat bread.
  1. In a small pan, place half of the olive oil and garlic.
  2. Place on the stove on medium hot heat and roast until golden brown.
  3. Pull off heat and let cool. 
  4. Place roasted garlic in oil and both cheeses into a food processer, and blend until smooth.
  5. Add all other ingredients except bread and use the pulse button to blend ingredients.
  6. Place in a bowl and let set up. 
  7. Fire up your gas grill or a griddle and brush olive oil on both sides of the ciabatta and toast both sides.
  8. Place bread around the spread and serve with some imported olives, or other marinated vegetables.