May 11 2010

Mussel’s with white wine & chorrizo

My recipe this month is our mussel appetizer from Guppy's Menu. Fortunately, mussels are still full and plump due to the colder water in Prince Edward Island this winter, so I thought I'd share.
Mussel’s with white wine & chorrizo                                     

2 oz. Basil infused olive oil
2 tsp. Fresh chopped garlic
1 Lb. Black mussel’s (bearded)
2 oz. White wine
4 oz. -canned whole tomatoes diced
1 oz. - chorrizo (thinly sliced )
2     -    lightly packed cup’s fresh spinach
4 oz. - Chicken stock
1 wedge - lemon juice
scallions to garnish

    In a saute pan, heat oil. When hot add mussel’s. stir rapidly and then add garlic. Sweat the garlic slightly, then add the wine. Next add tomatoes , spinach , and chorrizo. Toss well and then add the chicken stock and lemon. The mussel’s should all be open and just done. Toss a little more until all mussel’s are open and firm. Place in a large bowl and sprinkle on the scallion’s. serve with a piece of garlic toast.