August 9 2017

Florida Lobster Salad Martini

My recipe this month features our Florida lobster and is a cool refreshing appetizer that your guests will go bonkers over. I hope you enjoy making and sharing it with friends. Until next month, Bon Appetite
Florida Lobster Salad Martini                               SERVES 4
1/ 2 Cup – Heillmans Mayonnaise
 1tsp. – Lemon Zest
Juice of one lemon
2 sticks – Celery diced fine
1TB. – shallot diced fine
1TB. – fresh tarragon chopped
1TB. – chives chopped
Sea Salt and Fresh ground white pepper to taste
1Lb. – Cooked, chilled Florida Lobster meat diced (Maine Lobster can be substituted)
1/ 4 Cup – Fresh mango diced
½ Cup – Avocado diced
1)Mix together all ingredients minus lobster, mango, and avocado. Place in refrigerator to cool and allow flavors to blend. It would be best to make a day ahead.
2)In a lg bowl, mix thorougly the dressing mix, lobster, mango and avocado. Into four martini glasses, spoon equal amounts. Garnish with a fresh slice of avocado and lemon wedge. Enjoy!!!!!!!