April 4 2019

Mediterranean Chicken

This months recipe is one of our new spring items on the menu. It has been a big hit so far. Enjoy!
Mediterranean Chicken                           serves 4
2lbs. – large Chicken Thighs (boneless and skinless)
1cup – Greek yogurt
1TB. – Extra virgin olive oil
¼ Cup – minced onion
2tsp. – Garlic minced
1tsp. – Curry Powder
1tsp. – Allspice
1tsp. – Cumin ground
1tsp. – Black Pepper ground
1tsp. – Coriander ground
1/4tsp. – Cinnamon ground
2tsp. – Onion salt
Pinch – Cayenne Pepper
4 Cups- Prepared Yellow or Turmeric rice
2Cups. – Your favorite tzaziki sauce or cucumber yogurt sauce
4 Pieces – Nann Bread
  1. Mix Yogurt and all other ingredients.
  2. Let set in refrigerator for two hours for flavors to blend.
  3. Rinse chicken with cool water and pat dry. Cut off any cartilage or unwanted portion.
  4. Pour yogurt marinate over chicken and wrap with plastic. Marinate at least 24 hours.
  5. Light a gas grill or prepare a charcoal grill and let coals turn white.
  6. Clean the grill grates well and lightly oil the grates to eliminate chicken from sticking.
  7. Place thighs directly on the grill out of the marinate. 
  8. Cook for about 5 minutes on both sides to mark the chicken well. This makes all the difference in the flavor.
  9. Pull chicken to a cooler side of grill to finish cooking. Chicken should reach 165* internally when done.
  10. Pull off and let rest.
  11. On 4 plates, divide the rice on the plates,
  12. Slice chicken and divide it on Rice. Serve a dollop of tzaziki on each plate and 1 piece of nann bread.