May 13 2011

Spicy Tuna Tartar

My recipe this month involves Sushi grade tuna and a few unexpected ingredients that make this tartar recipe cool and delicious. I hope you enjoy. Until next month, CHEERS.

Tuna Tartare                                         serves 6

24 ounces #1 Tuna (diced small)

6 ounces Seedless cucumber (peeled, and diced small)

6 ounces ripe avocado(diced small)

2 ounces mirin

1/2  ounce hot sauce w/ habanero

Seasalt to taste

Fried wonton skins or your favorite tortilla chips


                        In a large mixing bowl with ice, place a smaller bowl on top and insert in to ice to chill. Place mirin and hot sauce in to chill well. Add Tuna, cucumber, and avocado and mix until coated. Grind a little sea salt in to taste. Place in a dish wrap and chill 1 hour.


1/2  cup ponzu

2 TB. Soy sauce

2 TB. Mirin

2 TB. Cold water

1 TB. Corn starch

In a small sauce pan, bring ponzu, soy, and mirin to a bowl and while that is heating up mix cold water and corn starch together. Add to boiling ponzu and cook slightly until thick. Pull off stove and chill completely. Take tartare out of refrigerator and portion onto 6 separate dishes. Drizzle the thickened ponzu glaze over the top and serve with crispy wonton’s and or Tortilla chips.