December 1 2009

Butternut squash and crab bisque

Fall is here, the weather is cooling down and it is time to bring out some of my favorite seasonal recipes.This is a cream based soup that delivers a very rich flavor and a smooth velvety texture. It is a must during squash season.

Butternut squash and crab bisque

serves 6                                                                                    
Yield                            Item 

Butternut squash (cut in half and de seeded ) -   1 - large
Brown Sugar - 1 tbl.
Sea salt - dash
white pepper - dash
Butter - 1 oz.
Curry powder - 1 tsp.
Preheat oven to 400* , place squash in a casserole dish and drizzle with butter, sugar , salt, curry powder, and pepper. Roast until tender and with browned edges. When cool pull out meat and reserve.

Drawn butter - 2 oz.
Spanish onions (diced ) - 1 - medium
Fresh garlic chopped - 1 clove
Clam stock   - 1 cup
Chicken Stock - 1 cup
Mango chutney - 3 tbl.
Roux - 1 / 4 cup -(1/8 cup drawn butter & 1/8 cup flour )
Cooked squash Meat
Heavy Cream  - 2 cups
Blue crab meat (drained well) - 1 lb.

In a sauce pot, heat butter and saute onion=s and garlic until lightly browned. Then add both stocks, chutney, and squash. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 to 7 minutes stirring every 1 to 2 . Turn down heat and add the roux. The soup should be getting thick. Pour in the heavy cream, this should make the soup thin out and make rich. Pull off stove and let cool slightly. Run through a blender and puree. Put soup back on stove and reheat. add crab and adjust seasonings. This soup should have a slight sweet taste with a hint of curry.