January 9 2010

Garlic Cured Salmon

This month's recipe is an appetizer we make when wild Scottish salmon is available and the quality is at it's best. It is a garlic cured salmon Asian roll. I enjoy making this because the cooking technique is done by salt curing. I hope you like it

    serves 4   

    12 oz. - center cut portion Scottish salmon
    ½ cup -kosher salt
    ½ cup- granulated sugar
    2 tbl. -  Fresh chopped garlic
    1 tbl.- Crushed red chili flakes
    1/4 cup - rice wine vinegar
    ½ pint - alfalfa  sprouts
    *½ cup- wasabe mayonnaise

        Place salmon in a shallow dish. Next, mix salt , sugar, and chili flakes in a mixing bowl and blend well. Then rub salmon with fresh garlic all over. Then totally smother salmon with all of the salt mixture. Next lightly drizzle vinegar over the salmon. Wrap salmon air tight and refrigerate for 48 hour’s to cure. When cure time is over, unwrap salmon and scrape off salt mixture the best you can. You can store this up to 2 week’s. At time of service you want to slice the salmon paper thin not to tear it. Then take a pinch of alfalfa sprout’s and roll the salmon around it tightly. Place wasabe mayo in a squirt bottle and drizzle it over two or three pieces of salmon roll and serve.

    * wasabe mayo can be purchased in the grocer’s store or you can make prepared wasabe   with powder and water to make a paste. Then add mayo and mix to your liking